Miss Tee aka  Amavii

Welcome and enjoy the music.

The quality and blend of my music comes from
the fusion of my Swedish & Moroccan descent and multi-cultural exposure.
Born in Gothenburg, Sweden I moved at a very young age to West Africa.
Growing up in The Gambia, West Africa- exposed me to people of various cultural backgrounds and exposure of travel.
I have lived abroad for many years in The UK, California and now Sweden.
All these factors enriched my taste and sound in music!
Music has always been my passion for as long as I can remember; especially coming from a home where my father was a musician.
DJ’ing is an entity I’ve always aspired to be. I’ve continuously observed peoples reactions
to different melodies and the ambiance it creates wherever present.

I love to blend different genres of music; the music I play is very uplifting!
Nothing is more fulfilling than to see the crowd dancing; in the mood that I create. In addition;
I am also a vocalist, lyricist and enjoy making music thoroughly!
As an artist my music is my painting; it is a reflection of my mood.
My color is my theme; trying to captivate a certain element of design that will give it its own uniqueness and style!