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DJ & Producer

Dén Ene

Dèn Ene

Welcome and enjoy the music.
It’s I who is the D-ONE admin of this page.

The idea of the I-DJ is  to help and promote new dj ´s so they can come out of the basement and show their imagination to the music .

I  started to learn and enjoy progressive trance mixing from many talented DJ´s here in Sweden they showed me their weird skills and idea on  how to get music to rhyme .
And i love it …Soooooo i decided that when i have recorded 100 mixes and created my on imagination of weird skills  for the sound that i want to mix I will get out of my safe Zone and PLAY  my fantasy for the people to enjoy .

So here we are enjoy or hate my weird mixing skills im still learning. So far, so people have not throw rotten Tomatoes at me when they dance and jump around on the dance floor.




MiX Skills Experiment

  1. T2 17:59
  2. happy ho 34:48
  3. 0slappy 1 35:53
  4. hallo dorky 28:54
  5. tes TO 24:03




Enjoy My weird sound of Noise



My DEMO Creation

DEMO Collaboration

  1. Demo1Carlos Dén Ene 4:23
  2. Demo2Carlos Dén Ene 4:16
  3. Demo1David Dén Ene 2:07
  4. Demo2David Dén Ene 1:21
  5. Demo1Dino Dén Ene 6:37
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